Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 190: And Home Again

This morning Andy, Pete and I rode home after a very cold but still enjoyable night in Oberon. We had chinese for dinner at the local RSL and were surprised by the 'choice bro' population in that little town, there must have been some kind of Maori thing going on because we ate dinner to the sound of the Haka being performed next door.

Some of the roads home were a little damp and some were a little icy in the shade, they were all still enjoyable despite the stabbing pain I was feeling in my shoulder (the joys of touring on a sports bike with an inappropriate for touring riding position). I made it home in time for lunch and after I peeled myself out of my wet weather gear, leathers, 5 additional layers of clothing under the leathers and wheeled the bike into the garage I was about ready to collapse. I ended up having a little afternoon snooze while Henry was still having his.

My photo today is Henry in his pyjamas, keeping track of his finances after his bath. I'd never heard of the 'Money Hound' website that he was checking out but after a little research it looks to be a site where you can compare interest rates on home loans, credit cards, Gas & Electricity, personal loans and all manner of other finance related things... Wonder what Henry's planning to get a loan for?

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