Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 192: Power Gardening

We had planned to hire a garden mulcher from Bunnings this morning to we could mulch up the two large piles of off cuts that have been cluttering up our back yard for longer than I care to remember. Unfortunately Bunnings don't have mulchers available for hire.

After some googling and 6 phone calls to other hirers of mulching machines we found one that was available to hire today. It was a pretty big wood chipper/mulcher machine with a 14 horsepower engine and it was mounted on it's own trailer, initially I thought it might be overkill for what we wanted to do but it was available and we wanted to get it done before it started raining. That didn't really work out so well.

My photo today is split into four sections, working from the top left in a clockwise direction we have: The mound of mulch/wood chip created from the two piles of off cuts and trimmings, the clear space where one of the piles used to be, the wheelie bin that we placed under the chippers chute and the other clear space that was so covered up in off cuts you couldn't see the paving. We got very wet doing all this but it was worth it.

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