Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 207: Hello Cocky

I had lunch in Manuka with my mate Robert today and on the way back from a delicious Duck Laksa I spotted this guy on one of the low branches in the tree near my car.

Unfortunately I'd left my camera in the car so I had to whip out the trusty iPhone and snap this shot before he flew away. I had to walk up really close so the Cockatoo didn't look like a white speck in the brown of the tree and I think this made him nervous. I guess I'd be a little nervous if some random stranger was rapidly advancing on me holding out their phone in the paparazzi position too. Or maybe he could smell the Duck Laksa on me and thought he was next on the menu...

Still, I got a photo for today and it's not that bad considering how average the camera is on the old iPhone 3Gs.

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