Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 211: Local Landmark 4

Happy Birthday Henry!!

After all the excitement of Henry's birthday party yesterday we took our guests for a drive out to Googong to see the paddock that will soon become our suburb, from there we went on to have lunch at the National Gallery followed by a stop at Parliament House. As we were driving from the Gallery to Parliament House Henry started to drift off to sleep and since he didn't sleep much yesterday, or last night for that matter, the decision was made that I'd drive around in an attempt to let Henry get some much needed rest while everyone else took in the sights of Parliament House.

After a couple of laps of Capital Hill I became bored and concerned that I might get dizzy so I ventured a little further afield. I'd had an idea that I wanted to take a photo of the National Museum of Australia for my Local Landmark series for a while and before I knew it I was driving across to the other side of Burley Griffin with Henry fast asleep in the back.

It's such an interesting building with so many opportunities for cool photos, unfortunately I was a little limited with my ability to leave the car so I took today's photo from the drivers seat with the window down.

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