Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 171: Local Landmark 3

I was out and about this afternoon and since we had cloud free skies for the first time in ages I thought I'd stop by this monument and take advantage of the clear blue backdrop. It's the Australian-American War Memorial at the Russell Offices which is very common knowledge to any Canberra local.

Here are some interesting facts about the monument that may not be quite so common knowledge:
- It was built in 1954
- It's 78 meters tall
- The Eagle and the sphere it sits combined are 11 meters tall, that's one meter taller than an olympic diving tower.
- The column that the Eagle is perched on is actually made from a steel frame clad in aluminium sheets that have been sandblasted so it looks like stone.
- It's commonly called the Bugs Bunny Ears because the wings look like rabbit ears from a distance.

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