Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 154: Going, Going, Googong

We chose our block today. We had our shortlist ready and showed up early so we could talk to them about our choices and ask whether their planned driveway sites for each block were set in concrete... so to speak. The block we really like is an unusual shape and the planned driveway is on the short side of the block which wouldn't work with the design we're favouring, if the driveway was moved to the other side of the block it would work out much better.

As it turned out there was no issue with moving the driveway and even better, the block was still available when we had our appointment at 3pm this afternoon. So we've officially committed to buying the land and should be able to start building in around a years time. 


  1. Good on ya kids look forward to future developments with house plans and other info soon on this site