Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 166: Henry - The Maker Of Mess

Two days in a row featuring Henry's impressive mess making skills. We had a bit of a tidy up of the whole house last night because this morning we had the bank's property valuer coming over to appraise the place in preparation for our Googong plans. The lounge was spotless this evening when we all arrived home and within no more than 10 minutes Henry had created the scene you see above.

One of his favourite tricks at the moment is to take out the smallest of our nested tables and tip it on its side so he can climb into it. This will keep him entertained for a while, until he decides to use it for his other favourite pastime which involves putting it next to the lounge, climbing up onto the lounge and then sliding of the lounge onto the little table. I still find it funny that he'd rather play with a little coffee table than the piles of toys that he has.

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