Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 332: Budding Environmentalist?

Today Jenna's class had a parent day at her school where the kids show their parents through the classroom and what they've been working on. My photo today is Jenna in front of her project on what would be required to sustain life on a new planet. They had pretty much free reign on how they presented the information and Jenna chose to make a tree that had all things she'd need on her new planet. There was a little plastic bag full of water hanging in one branch, a pinwheel windmill as a source of renewable energy, an origami fish and a carrot made of pipe cleaners as sources of food, another bag that was full of air and a bunch of other things that would make life possible on her planet.

It was very creative and well put together, as for Jenna being a budding environmentalist: I'm not so sure, I think she might have liked the creative side of this assignment more than the actual lesson.

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