Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 326: Another Delivery

More stuff in the mail today, this time it was from an online store that gets a fair bit of business from me. Each day I get an email from the good folk at Torpedo7 and each day I'm subjected to their daily specials. Most of the time I have the willpower to refrain from buying the daily special, but not this time. The daily special was so good that I had to buy two, it's always good to have a spare.  

For the uninitiated, these are Fork Braces used to brace the forks of your dirt bike when strapping it down for transport. They stop the forks from compressing further than they need to which reduces the pressure on the fork seals. I made one myself out of a couple of bits of wood and it's served me well but when these fancy little one's came up at $5 each I just couldn't resist.

I think that's all I have due to come in the mail for a while now.

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