Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 319: Sage Advice

Why advice? Just because I wanted a catchy title.

Belinda's been cultivating some herbs with varying degrees of success, the Sage has been going gangbusters on both the pot and the garden but the Basil doesn't seem to thrive like the Sage has been. This is a bit of a shame because we'd use the Basil much more often than we do the Sage, especially if it was growing in the weed like fashion of the Sage.

Apparently there are a number of different varieties of Sage and the plant reportedly has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It's also supposed to be good for assisting with the digestion of fatty foods which is particularly handy as most of the time we fry it in oil to get the leaves all crispy and yummy. Our Sage is the Purple variety, you can tell because the leaves are purple. Clever hey?

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