Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 315: Heating Goodhope

Tonight was Scott's Bucks do out at Goodhope, we spent the day wakeboarding, ski tubing and then drinking beer. We eventually had a BBQ for dinner and I even brought some veggies to share with the boys. It was just a bunch of asparagus and a 4 pack of corn on the cob from Woolies but they went pretty well on the barbie with the snags & steaks.

After dinner we pretty much sat around the fire drinking more beer and talking, this was interspersed with cutting up a large log with an old and pretty blunt axe so we could stick more on the fire. We also used up what was left of the off cuts from Scott's deck, these didn't cut too well with the axe either.

As far as Bucks Nights go, this was a pretty relaxed and low key one. I think that's what made it as enjoyable as it was.

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