Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 324: Public Transport

After dropping the BMW off at the workshop early this morning I took the hire ute and trailer back to Sydney. The trailer tow's really well when nothing's in it, which is kind of pointless really. I was able to sit on a smidge over 110 km/h all the way back and made pretty good time dropping the trailer off first an then the ute back where I hired it from.

I was fortunate enough that Daphne was able to pick me up from the hire place and drop me off at a train station so I could get to Central and then catch a Murrays bus home. I can't remember the last time I caught a train... or a bus for that matter and today I was lucky enough to do both.

On the train I found a seat and then answered the phone, it was the workshop asking for some details and letting me know what they'd found so far. I'm not a loud talker on the mobile and I kept the conversation fairly brief but after I'd finished a long haired man in a business suit told me very firmly that "This is a quiet carriage!". I agreed with a smile, it was a nice and quiet carriage on the train. This seemed to frustrate the man and he turned around in a bit of a huff. I thought he must have been referring to my phone conversation and that perhaps it's against the rules to talk on the phone so I looked for some indication that this was the case but couldn't find a sign anywhere. I guess I'm just not up on train etiquette.

The bus ride home was far less eventful, I even managed to get a little bit of sleep. It was a full day and I was very happy to see Belinda when she came to take me home from the bus stop.

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