Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 351: Playing In The Mud

Pete, Andy and I went for a ride out near Andy's place today. It had been a while and it was good to get out on the Dirty Husky again. We rode some trails that we hadn't done in ages and some of them had seen some water recently which always adds to the fun.

My photo today is Pete attempting to navigate one of the slushy gullies. The entrance is pretty steep and required ducking under the partially fallen tree before hitting the deep ruts full of watery mud. The exit is as steep as the entrance and without a bit of momentum to get you through the slush you can find yourself bogged with wet feet and a climb ahead of you that looks more daunting than it really is.

Pete did end up having to lift his back wheel out of the rut he got bogged in, but once he'd done that he made the climb out look relatively easy.

I could have offered to help lift the bike out, but Pete's got plenty of experience doing that himself and besides, I was busy taking photos.

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