Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 342: Ho Ho Oh?

These little decorations keep popping up around the house... now don't get me wrong, I like Christmas time as much as the next person but Belinda takes 'like' to a whole new level when it comes to decorations. Actually the same goes for Christmas carols.

This little guy is now hanging on the end of the little dividing wall between our Lounge and dining rooms, it's pretty much the first thing you'll see when you walk in the front door. I do like this one though, even if he is wearing too much eye makeup.

Looking closely at this Santa for today's photo got me thinking about the people who design these decorations. It can't be easy coming up with ways to mount the hanging hook. It just doesn't seem right to screw an eyelet into Santa's head like this one has, but what are the alternatives? Stab one into his back and have him facing the ground? Have one moulded into his hat so he's dangling from a pompom? No, it can't be easy finding a way to hang santa without it being a little morbid.

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